The UN Resident Coordinator Office

The United Nations Resident Coordinator Office supports the work of the UN Resident Coordinator. The UN Resident Coordinator leads the UN country team in consultations with the government to define and agree on the UN strategic response to the Government’s priorities. This response is captured in the UN Strategic Framework (UNSF). 

Mr Frode Mauring has twelve years of experience as Resident Coordinator in North Macedonia, Kosovo, the Russian Federation, and the United Arab Emirates. Mauring has also served as Special Representative of the UNDP Administrator for the Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People.  Immediately before coming to DPRK, he was a senior adviser to the Director of the UN Development Coordination Office on UN reform issues.

Before joining the UN in 2002, Mr Mauring worked in the private sector for more than fifteen years in banking, international consulting and industry, in Africa, Middle East, Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Mr Mauring has a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Denver as well as bachelor degrees in economics, business administration and social anthropology from Norwegian universities.  He is a national of Norway.

Frode Mauring

Frode Mauring

Resident Coordinator a.i.