Strategic Priority Three: Resilience and Sustainability

The United Nations Strategic Framework aims at achieving three key outcomes related to resilience and sustainability.

  1. Local communities, especially the most vulnerable groups including women, can better cope with and respond to impacts of disasters and climate change.
  2. Local communities, especially those most vulnerable, have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.
  3. Government agencies apply integrated and equitable approaches to environmental management, energy, climate change and disaster risk management.

Planned Activities

Through targeted support, the United Nations assists the Government to:

  • Increase resilience against natural hazards/disasters, including extreme events, by facilitating access to risk reducing technologies and practices in agriculture and fisheries
  • Promote long-term climate resilience through Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in the agriculture sector and linking to cross-cutting issues
  • Support capacity building on DRR and CCA in agriculture and fisheries
  • Improve quality of seeds and reduce post-harvest losses to increase farm productivity
  • Improve livelihoods through more diverse agricultural production activities, food processing, and small scale manufacturing of daily necessities at cooperative farm and county levels
  • Implement off-grid renewable energy solutions to increase energy security and self-reliance of the rural population
  • Introduce sustainable prevention and preparedness measures in disaster-prone rural communities
  • Reduce the impact of natural disasters on local communities through Food for Disaster Risk Reduction activities

Selected achievements

  • State Committee for Emergency and Disaster Management (SCEDM) created
  • Provincial and county level governmental organs for disaster management established
  • The National Action Plan for Environmental Education and Awareness in the DPRK prepared
  • Improved access to renewable energy, including solar PV systems, biogas systems, solar hot water and solar water pumping systems
  • Increased community resilience in face of natural disasters through embankment, reforestation, sloping land rehab, and alternative livelihood opportunities
  • A national ten-year Agro-Forestry Strategy approved


UN entities involved in this initiative
United Nations Development Programme
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
World Health Organization
World Food Programme
United Nations Population Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund